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deciding the fate of a glass eyed monster May 28, 2010

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If I were in a zoo, the keepers would note that my behavior alternates between 1) sorting stuff, 2) packing boxes and 3) various activities with the common goal of avoiding the garage and all unsorted drawers, cupboards or closets.

I have made peace with the fact that there is a limit to the number of decisions that I can make in a day, but the formula remains a mystery to me. One day is a whirlwind of activity and the next I find myself wandering around with the sharpie marker in one hand and a stuffed animal in the other having no idea what I was up to. The number of items sorted per day seems to be inversely proportional to how irrelevant the items in question are–the less useful the item, the more valuable time is wasted on deciding it’s fate.

Do we take the can opener? Of course. Do we keep the dinosaur sticker book for the plane ride? They’ll simply annoy one another for entertainment, put it in the garage sale. How will I live without Trader Joe’s barbecue sauce…should I buy a case and pack that? Hmmm….that’s a good question. Can you recycle a cardboard monster if its glass eye is glued on with purple glitter glue? Can I phone a friend?

I’m so glad we are getting out of town this weekend.


Tick-clunk, tick-clunk, tick-clunk…

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My husband summed up this portion of our adventure perfectly: we’ve gone from the “hey, we are off to ride the roller coaster with seven loops, a triple corkscrew and reverse free fall–we are so excited!” to squirming beneath the padded bar wrapped around our chests, grinning and nodding bravely at one another as the car makes the ‘tick-clunk, tick-clunk’ sound on the steep climb to the first drop.


blindsided at the baseball game May 24, 2010

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So there I was, just hanging out at the baseball game. I didn’t even see it coming. The elementary school choir filed out onto the field in the rain and huddled under their black umbrellas to sing the national anthem. ‘How cute’ I thought, blissfully ignorant as I fumbled around piling up the blankets and stashing the peanuts in an effort to stand up. As I covered my heart with my hand, my eyes met the flag flapping over center field and I started to choke up.

OK, to be honest, I completely stopped breathing and salty water started pouring down my cheeks. I didn’t even have time to sob, it was as if the cork fell out of my tear ducts and got stuck in my throat. I don’t mean to imply that I am anything less than a true patriot–but I did not expect to feel so strongly about the ol’ stars and stripes after an hour and a half rain delay on a chilly Friday night in March.

A flood of thoughts welled up inside–we really are leaving the country, aren’t we…geez–I can’t believe I’m crying like a baby right here in the stands–knock it off, you are embarrassing the boys…but we won’t be hearing our national anthem or saying the pledge of allegiance again any time soon…there is no possible way I can be pregnant, but this reminds me of how I couldn’t stop crying at a kodak commercials until I had given birth…but, still, will the boys even remember them when we get back?…will all those ‘amazing experiences’ outweigh the cozy comfort of holding your hand over your heart while hearing about bombs bursting in air or singing along with the crowd during the seventh inning stretch?…relax, I tell myself, you are not pregnant and it’s not like they won’t let us back in.


34 pairs of black socks May 18, 2010

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What on earth am I doing with 34 pairs of black socks? I don’t even have a job! As you have probably deduced, I have been cleaning out my dresser–no wonder there is no room in my sock drawer for my new no nonsense tube socks! (I won’t even admit to how many pair of undergarments were in there, but let’s just say I could outfit a few flagpoles…).


My corsage is wilting

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The house has been on the market for nearly an entire week now and not one soul has called to come see it…I feel like I’m sitting here in my pink satin gown, shoes dyed to match perfectly, hair pinned up (with curls perfectly placed to hide my goofy ears), lipgloss shimmering, nylons cutting into my midsection–and I’ve been stood up for the prom.

The brokers tour is Thursday, which is not a laughing matter, but I can’t stop giggling to myself as I imagine a well dressed realtor with a feather in his cap charging down our street on a horse yelling, “The Brokers are coming!! The Brokers are coming!!” I think I’ve inhaled too much Lysol.


Big-O’s gotta go May 16, 2010

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We have to take the giant stuffed monkey…

who could refuse a face like this?


Run that pro/con list by me again…

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Con–leaving the kind of friends who actually showed up for your work party and made your front yard sparkle–all for a Costco hamburger and a few s’mores. Seriously, what are we thinking?

Pro–um…air miles are transferable?


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