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We all have our strengths May 11, 2010

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At this point in our story, it may be informative to note that we love where we live. We have great friends and neighbors. My husband is not a corporate executive, a salesman or an airline pilot. He is not in the military, and neither were our parents.  He is an engineer.  We are both small town kids who grew up in the same house with the same two parents until we headed off to college. My point being that we are not the type of people who ever considered uprooting our family to follow the next indicated rung on the ladder of success as part of our family equation. Although this comes as a shock to our system, I think things are going quite well…aside from the death threats from the youngest, of course.

Despite the fact that none of our acquaintances would use the word ‘worldly’ to describe either one of us, I think we are going to get through this alive. I did get a friend to teach me the German equivalent of ‘it’s all good’ for use at cocktail parties and participate in several pickup soccer games in college where I was equally humiliated by Brazilians, Chinese, Ukranians and Germans–not particularly impressive, but I’m counting it as international experience. The boys are both clever, curious and far from shy.

As for my husband, his key to success may lie in the fact that he will gladly attempt to eat anything considered reasonably fit for human consumption and have fun doing it.


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