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The visit, the ham and the sign May 14, 2010

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My husband and I went to check it out. It sounds so casual, doesn’t it? It’ll just be for a few days–oh, and you’ll be flying for over 9 hours each way, driving on the wrong side of the road, changing time zones by 8 hours and attempting to appear highly intelligent at the same time.

In short–was amazing, beautiful and intriguing. We especially loved the people. And the ham. From the stories our driver shared about touring the canals in a narrow boat to high tea with our host to the giggling waitress who explained what “black pudding” was to my husband as he was eating it, they were in a word…charming.

On the plane on the way back I asked for a sign. Now, I’m not into voodoo or witchcraft and I know better than to ask God directly for stuff, but I did say a small quiet prayer that it would be nice if He could share with me just what our decision should be. Maybe an angel wafting about near the window of the plane or little lightening bolt that doesn’t cause any damage to the plane? The sign I got was a quote on the tag of my tea bag—the exact words are not important, largely because I can’t remember them exactly and I lost the tag–but to me it was as clear as a bell—go ahead, I’ll meet you there.


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