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mothers day regrets May 14, 2010

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I apologize to everyone who was trying to be nice to me on Mother’s Day.  I did not have a good answer for those sweet people who asked, “What are you and the boys doing on this special day?”.  I wanted to be all sappy and froofy, but with the clock ticking and the drill sergeant in my head barking out orders on all projects yet to be done, I ran out of polite replies.

I completely failed to display the profound gratitude that I have for the honor of calling my two dizzyingly amazing boys (and a fabulous husband) my family.

The good news is that we pulled off a picnic at the beach and a movie (due in part to the fact it was a beautiful day, but a little more so that the plan did not require showering). It was heaven to sit down for almost two hours and eat something that I could leave on the floor if I accidentally spilled. Thanks, boys!


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