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School Menu choices May 14, 2010

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The yellow sheet of paper looks out of place on my kitchen table.  At the top of the page is the title “Epworth County Primary School Menu Choice – Week beginning 26 April” and has a space in which to write “Child’s Name” and “Class”.

The instructions are to “Please put a tick in the box next to your choice.”  My first reaction is that I don’t want a tick anywhere near what my children may eat, but of course, it’s just those small differences between two cultures. However, can’t help but feel the undertow pulling on my consciousness—we’re not in Kansas anymore.

I wonder what my sons would choose on Wednesday—Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding or Vegemince 5 Bean Chili & Rice.  A quick google search informs me that Yorkshire Pudding is something like a popover made with pan drippings and Vegemince is that squishy meat substitute found in vegetarian dishes. I’d opt for the popover, but it is clear that the boys are going to have an adventure of their own.

The end of the form states “This form should be returned on THURSDAY morning in order to ascertain the number of meals the cook needs to prepare for the week…the cook will prepare a few additional meals should a child forget the form, but please try to ensure the menu is returned quickly.”  Well, since you asked so politely…


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