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the unexpected stuff May 14, 2010

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There are the things I thought would happen—like being curious about all things foreign–for example, the metric system.  I am not surprised to find myself checking the other side of my measuring cup to see what ¾ cup of water is in ml (it’s 175 in case you are curious, too), or checking out books on England from the library and reading UK newspapers online.  I am not shocked to find myself starting a box in which to throw anything I don’t find vital to my existence and labeling it “trash/goodwill/yard sale” so I don’t waste too much time pondering those decisions just yet, and I’m not at all surprised at how fast it grows.

But, there are other things I’m doing that I really didn’t expect, like pausing to actually listen to Rick Steves as he cruised across the strait in Istanbul and noted his tips about the food, weather and best times to visit. As if I need another thing to pack, I bought coffee mugs that say “Dream” with the quote “You are never too old to dream” and “Believe” with the quote “I believe in miracles”.  I feel awkward talking to friends and family about leaving, as if I’ve broken or stolen something and I’m about to be sent to the principal’s office, or I’m in one of those dreams where I’m out in public and there is a rip right up the back of my trousers (I practicing NOT saying “pants” because that means underwear). I didn’t expect to feel like a stranger in my own house.

I feel a bit like I did when I first headed off to college, full of hopes and dreams and a touch of anxiety about how I will fare in the world that lies ahead.


One Response to “the unexpected stuff”

  1. Aimee Says:

    I am honored to be witness.

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