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deciding the fate of a glass eyed monster May 28, 2010

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If I were in a zoo, the keepers would note that my behavior alternates between 1) sorting stuff, 2) packing boxes and 3) various activities with the common goal of avoiding the garage and all unsorted drawers, cupboards or closets.

I have made peace with the fact that there is a limit to the number of decisions that I can make in a day, but the formula remains a mystery to me. One day is a whirlwind of activity and the next I find myself wandering around with the sharpie marker in one hand and a stuffed animal in the other having no idea what I was up to. The number of items sorted per day seems to be inversely proportional to how irrelevant the items in question are–the less useful the item, the more valuable time is wasted on deciding it’s fate.

Do we take the can opener? Of course. Do we keep the dinosaur sticker book for the plane ride? They’ll simply annoy one another for entertainment, put it in the garage sale. How will I live without Trader Joe’s barbecue sauce…should I buy a case and pack that? Hmmm….that’s a good question. Can you recycle a cardboard monster if its glass eye is glued on with purple glitter glue? Can I phone a friend?

I’m so glad we are getting out of town this weekend.


One Response to “deciding the fate of a glass eyed monster”

  1. Peggy Reichard Says:

    Erin & Greg,
    It sounds like you are attacking the move with a somewhat scientific approach. Good for you!! Since you’ve moved across country before, that provided you with valuable experience. Have a wonderful weekend holiday and good luck with the house. I would love to see you if you have a lay over nearby when you travel. Love to all,

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