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Plan B: au natural June 3, 2010

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Today I’m changing my approach to having our house on the market. I’ve been cleaning and tidying as I go for over two weeks now and not one person has come to see my house. So today, I’ve decided to go au natural. I couldn’t achieve “total disaster” in just one day of neglect–that takes time and dedication, but with two boys, I think we’ve definitely gone beyond untidy and would lose AAA’s three star rating if we had one.

Hear ye, hear ye all the potential buyers–the toilet seats are up, the beds are unmade, there’s toothpaste smeared in several places, plenty of toys and grass and food bits and dirty clothes are strewn about the floor, dishes are stacked in the sink, the houseplants are drooping and there is a slightly unpleasant odor from the full trash can in the kitchen.

Welcome home!


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