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Skeleton keys and mushy peas and dryers that take forever July 16, 2010

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A few things I was clueless about until we arrived are…you lock and unlock your doors with a key, from the outside AND the inside, with a long brass skeleton key befitting of a Sherlock Holmes mystery (I’d say that qualifies as a fire hazard, but since they have deadbolts at the top and bottom of the doors, too, I’m following the ‘when in Rome’ school of thought on this one)…ordering fish and chips means you get an entire half of a fish, battered and fried, yum!…fish and chips usually come with “mushy peas” and they are exactly what they say they are, yuck!…everyone drives like a bat out of you-know-where, mums and the elderly included, and don’t look for a reprieve on residential streets, apparently small children and speed bumps just add a level of excitement to the nascar experience…there is a switch for every plug-in, right next it, however the down position is ON, so if you are sleep deprived like me, it can take a very long time to get the electric kettle on.

Some things are exactly the same, though, like finding giant spiders in the garage, which, by the way, is the size of a large closet. And, we get the same sense of relief that comes when a creepy crawly thing has been properly disposed of. I’ll sleep better and know that it’s safe to go and get my two towels and four washcloths out of the dryer, where they have been for the past two hours.


6 Responses to “Skeleton keys and mushy peas and dryers that take forever”

  1. Auntie J Says:

    I’m SO enjoying your blow-by-blow of EVERYTHING. Erin, you have a true gift for writing…just as a side note! Continue sharing your British adventure with us…LOVIN it!…you all, TOO!

  2. Jeromy Says:

    Hey there. Meant to call before you left, then looked at the calendar when back from vacation and it was the 11th. Sounds like the travel (and the tooth) went well. Sorry you had to bother with that tooth thing right in the midst of everything else. I am laughing at your adventures, who better to be on an adventure with than you! your family is lucky. It looks like your perspective on things is healthy. Are the Brits happy to have you “home”?? I look forward to following your adventure. Say hey to the boys. Loveya!


  3. Patti Devine Says:

    Hello Scott family!! Been reading your very witty & well written blog Erin & am so happy for you all! I do regret not having been able to see you all off however. Anyway, just wanted to give you a virtual hug. It’s 10:45pm here so I’m off to bed. Take care. Love, p

  4. sensiblechef Says:

    I love it!! Finally someone who understands why I am shocked that there are no screens on windows. The bees are just as large and they are aggressive. We watched one take a piece of chicken off our plates and fly away.

  5. Judy Buskirk Says:

    Hi to the “Famous Four” of the Scott clan.

    So…..the dryers are miniscule, but the spiders are gi-GAN-tic? Sounds like it.

    I’m watching Mrs. Minniver (with Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon) for the 2nd or 3rd time. Sort of on again, off again, if I’m ironing. Mrs. M will be sitting at diinner for a few more days until I finish viewing. It’s pretty interesting, considering the wartime efforts depicted in a little English village.

    Erin, I have been meaning to ask you: in the “language” of the British,
    is there a quirky / funny / apt phrase or word for the following…. warm….hot…..pillow….
    I’m making rice pillows for the Fox Island Market and am trying to find a cozy name. (Nuke them for a minute and a half and they’ll warm your bed for hours…or put them in the freezer…etc.)

    Maybe you can help. “Warmies” is taken. So are “Toasty Toes”. “Bella Pillows” doesn’t say what they do. Please send me an email. Thank you!

    And keep your kiddoes off the streets! Or give them paint ball guns. That’ll teach those Brits! Splat!

  6. Elaine Thomas Says:

    Hey Mama Bear, I talked to Greggily Bear today. We are interested in visiting some time. LIke June or so. Please write to me at the email above. IF we are too many for your home we can certainly get a bed and breakfast in Healing. It would be so fun to see you and discover the UK.
    Elaine. PS Jerry is turning 75 in June and I wanted to do something really memorable. So this is my idea and he is pretty keen on it too.

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