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more icky crisps August 4, 2010

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I stand corrected on one aspect of my crisp rant–there are decent potato chips in England, and they are made by Walkers. But, I am not backing down on my assessment that most of the flavors are enough to turn a goat’s stomach and caution my fellow Americans in search of a homey snack to stick with the “Ready Salted” variety.

Here is another icky example, Irish Stew. Apparently it was a fun flavor put out for Walkers’ version of the world cup. Not only did they come up with creepy flavors from the UK, they spread the wealth and made chips in flavors for all the countries listed on the back of the bag. For the Americans they made Cheeseburger. I know that is as about as American as you can get, but in a chip? And then there’s Bratwurst and Spaghetti, eeeewwww. It could just be part of that English humor I completely fail to grasp on occasion, but that’s world cup fever taken a bit too far if you ask me.


2 Responses to “more icky crisps”

  1. Leslie Walker Says:

    Walker’s- I love it:) How cool.

  2. Jennifer Stevens Says:

    eeeeee-yew. i’m not a fan of flavored chips, except for salt & vinegar, so all of those sound really vile.

    Hey, I came across another blog of a wife who accompanied her husband across the pond for a 2-3 year job. She lived in Maryland and was the postal carrier for all the postsecret postcards!

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