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Time to unpack the fat pants August 25, 2010

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The Brits may opt to avoid salt, but there is no lack of fat in the food supply here.

In our first six weeks in England, I can safely say we’ve never been outside walking distance of a fish and chip shop. They will supply you with half of a fish, battered and fried to a crisp on the outside, steamy and flaky on the inside, accompanied by a pile of fries that could easily soak a hundred napkins. Except they don’t give you any napkins, just the brown paper it’s all bundled up in and a tiny three pronged plastic fork to eat it with. I suspect they are either trying to save trees or avoid the evidence. In either case, I’m all too happy to keep working on mastering the miniature utensils as the alternative is to lick your fingers to no avail, and it is well worth the effort.

There is also the endless array of sausages I can’t seem to stop “taste testing”. You can buy them all wrapped up in flaky pastry from bakeries or on the sausage aisle in the stores. The basic types are pork or beef, of course, but there are special varieties like Lincolnshire and Cumberland, and the brands are endless. Just for fun I checked my online grocery shop (they will deliver just about anything here) and there were 80 different sausage products available. Whew! (In fact, dinner tonight was a couple of sausages and a criossant. It’s impossible to pass up when those savory links just melt in your mouth and the tastiest all-butter criossants come in 4 packs for a pound, about a buck fifty. Now I know why my sister’s cholesterol was off the charts after living abroad for years!)

There is, however, one thing that could quite possibly be responsible for an entire dress size increase in itself–the dreamy dairy product called “double cream”. It is absolutely to die for. It’s a little like whipped cream, but it’s dense, like…well, possibly an extremely smooth cheesecake or creme brulee can come close to this blanket of goodness for your mouth, but it’s truly in a class all its own. Plus, there’s not all that hard work involved with those delicacies. You just spoon it out of the container, pause in awe as it melts on your scone, and then enjoy every last bite.


4 Responses to “Time to unpack the fat pants”

  1. Judy Buskirk Says:

    Hi Family!
    I am just now catching up with your posts, beginning with FAT PANTS.
    You are so funny; your descriptions and photos are magazine correspondent quality. Have you thought of an “adjunct career?”

    Questions: (so many) Do they eat veggies to counterbalance all the OTHER STUFF? Are there many vegetarians? Is there a Lipton Tea store on every corner (I’m listening to a book about Thomas Lipton, the rags to riches marketing / tea / sailing genius.) Are people friendly? (You know, I COULD now read the previous posts and save you all sorts of time.) Just answer what is a new question. And GEE IT IS GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU!

    Now in the loop,

    • Hi Judy! The only vegetables that I have seen anywhere near fish and chips are mushy peas. Think mashed potatoes, but peas instead, minus the butter and salt. Not my favorite. If you eat fish and chips in a restaurant, you can also have the peas unmashed or I’ve also seen cole slaw on the side. Salads are available in a deli or restaurant, along with sandwiches, but of course I am taking in the full fat food first! Yes, you can get tea anywhere, but here it’s Tetley, not Lipton. I have learned to say yes to milk and sugar because the tea here is very strong no matter how long you steep it–think espresso, not drip.

      People here are much like they are in the states, some are very friendly and others are more reserved. The first thing people usually ask is why we moved here, as if we were crazy to leave the US. They usually start to get it when I explain that we only get 2 weeks, not 4-5 weeks, of holiday per year. Kids have been very friendly to the boys and love their accent.

  2. karen the glaub Says:

    mmmmmmmm yummy looking scone!!! Hi all we love you.

  3. Leslie Says:

    Hi Erin, Greg, Evan, and Charlie,
    Sounds like the adventure continues. Do they have devonshire cream there? I am thinking they must! How is school going for the boys? I am thinking that they are loving it. I miss seeing you around town. When is the trip to Paddington station? 🙂 I take it by the time I show up in England this summer- you will all be my personal travel guide.

    🙂 Blessings and hugs, Leslie

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