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weather report October 26, 2010

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Steve Pool has been a weather forecaster for a TV station in Seattle, Washington for over 30 years now. The Emerald City is known for it’s annual rain festival, which lasts from January 1 – December 31st. As you can imagine, it didn’t get the seemingly endless evergreens or the nickname by staying dry and sunny most of the time. Given the uphill nature of Steve’s job, you’d think he would consider a career change at some point. Maybe he could try something a little less thankless, like being a brake mechanic in the Alps. Yet every time I catch the 6 o’clock news, there he is with his perky smile spinning tales about skies that give day trippers hope, yet offer those looking to cancel plans on account of the weather a solid way out.

His message is generally the same–it will rain some, but possibly not on you. He liberally uses classic northwest weather phrases such as “scattered showers”, “partly cloudy” and “partly sunny”. These words may indeed have specific meteorological definitions, but I suspect they are just our version of the glass half full vs. half empty.

However clever, I’m not sure I would bet on Steve in a contest for ‘covering the most bases in one meteorological sentence’ if he was up against the local forecasters here in Lincolnshire. Although they are equally vague, you tend to come away feeling as if they have been quite specific. Maybe it’s just the accent that gets me.

Here are some of my favorites compiled from recent forecasts. See if you can decide what you would wear.


Cloudy with spits and spots of rain about during the morning. Some more persistent, locally heavier rain will come along during the afternoon and evening.


Remaining rather cold. Showers at first Wednesday, perhaps wintry on the highest hills, with some sunshine. Mostly cloudy for Thursday and Friday, with rain at times.


Sunny intervals and a few scattered showers, though some places will stay dry. It will also stay quite windy and mild.


Rain easing and clearing for a time, but further rain spreading up from the south before the night is over. Some of the rain becoming heavy.


Staying unsettled and often cloudy and windy, with some rain from time to time but also staying generally quite mild.


Staying generally cloudy, very mild and quite breezy. Further rain is expected for a time overnight before giving way to drier, clearer conditions towards dawn.


So the good news is, my personal motto can remain the same–never leave home in less than three layers.


11 Responses to “weather report”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Originally coming from the NW I can remember the Seattle weather. But having spent most of my life in the NE I quickly forgot about it. Living here I am reminded. However, I still feel like Seattle was more rainy. The temperatures seem about the same (we are in the midlands), but the rain is so off and on. My memory of Seattle is rain, rain, rain. Perhaps I’m mistaken. Also I haven’t lived through a UK winter yet! Good blog post!

    • Hi Kathy- Yes, Seattle was quite wet, but I’d have to say it is just a little colder and windier here. It’s probably due to the North Sea, but whatever it is, I feel colder here some days than I ever remember. Thanks for your nice comments. I’m sure you know what it’s like to venture into the world of blogging, fun and a little scary at the same time, so I appreciate your feedback.

      Have you been to Robin Hoods Bay on the Yorkshire coast? We went this weekend and it was amazing. I’m working on a blog post, but just wanted to mention it to you. If you haven’t gone yet, definitely put it on your list. It’s a great day trip. You park up on the hill and walk down the single lane windy path through the old smugglers village. There are lots of back alleyways and great shops to explore.

      Take care, Erin

  2. Karen Says:

    Hey Eno, You re such a giftedwriter! Lots of fun seeing your perspective. Talk to you soon. Your friend and sister, Karen

  3. victoria Says:

    You SO need to check out the Radio 4 shipping forecast! Knows this lot into a cocked hat! x

  4. karen the glaub Says:

    Hey ya Home, nice update. Always interesting and entertaining. Hope all is well. We’re all going along just peachy over here.
    Love you all.

  5. Judy Buskirk Says:

    Steve’s BREEZY weather banter leaves me feeling HEAVY with SPITS and SPOTS of puzzlement. What to wear? What to wear? In the NW, I personally still wear my sandals with socks, comfy slacks and top (this is for library book wrangling work) and occasionally a jacket or coat.

    Rain? Dribs, drips, drabs and drizzle? No big deal. A pony tail doesn’t need special WEATHER COVERAGE. Rain in sideways splashes? OK. It’s “brellie-time”. …maybe with mittens. The water falling on one’s face refreshes and is as good as an expensive spa treatment.

    I just enjoy Steve very much, remembering when he was the guest speaker at the Young Writer’s Conference in Seattle in the 1980s. He could read the phone book with his personable, cheery voice.

    Steve: bring it on. Whether you TALK WEATHER or TALK STORY, I’m happy you are still a Northwesterner.

    : )udy

    • I love your comments, Judy. Sandals and socks are always in, no matter what they say. Wool socks keep you warm even when they are wet, as long as they aren’t crammed into a boot! I’ll remember that bit about the spa treatment the next time I am riding my bike in the rain. Until now, it mostly reminded me of being a college student in Seattle. Yes, gotta love Steve!

  6. Steve Pool Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Who knows, when I retire I might move to the UK myself!

    Steve Pool

    • It wouldn’t be the northwest without you! I was looking forward to watching you again when we move home, but if you must retire before we get there, best wishes. Thanks for all the fabulous forecasts!

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