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Royal Kryptonite May 30, 2011

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Glossy magazines and the famous people who grace their covers have never been my thing. You can ask my friends–I was the last to know who shot JR, couldn’t be bothered to keep up with Friends, only recently figured out that the Sheens are related and can’t tell you the name of one American Idol winner. I am a certified media lame-O, known to actively avoid anything that gets a lot of hype. That usually goes double for stuffy ceremonies, so the fact that Will and Kate have me hanging on their every move has me completely baffled. How did that happen? Why do I care about these two people I couldn’t pick out of a photograph a year ago??? I have no idea! It’s like royal Kryptonite.  Can’t…stop…gawking…aaarrrggghhhh

We watched the whole thing on TV (and yes, even recorded it) and attended a fabulous street party that afternoon in my big giant hat, of course (and jeans–I haven’t gone completely mental).

I even survived the onslaught of marketing mania and came out with only one souvenir mug, the commemorative edition of Hello magazine and a few trading cards. Oh, and the official stamp collection. (insert a photo of my best friends rolling around on the floor laughing here)

I thought it would end once the wedding was over and the brain numbing fog would clear, but oh no. Just yesterday, there I was, shushing the kids and perking my ears, frozen dead in my tracks to hear the latest news of their whereabouts and goings on.

Oooooohhh, they are going to Yosemite National Park (nice choice)…staying in the hotel that inspired the movie The Shining (how cool is that?)…it’s 5 star (of course)…the queen stayed in the adjoining suite in 1983 (wouldn’t want to be copy cats, now would we?)…there will be no maid-in-waiting for Kate, she’ll dress herself and do her own makeup on this trip (isn’t that just downright peachy, I think…as I blissfully ignore the fact that their honeymoon cost enough to make a serious dent in our state budget deficit back home).

Maybe I have been sucked in because of a genetic predisposition to all things English, as my maternal great great grandfather was a photographer in London. But then again, I haven’t exactly bothered to take up watching cricket, rugby or football (soccer), or keep tabs on Simon Cowell’s latest version of the Gong Show, so it isn’t really even a few things English, just Will and Kate.

Actually, I think it has more to do with the fact that it’s like a fairy tale you can actually believe in…well, as much as anyone who is actually married can. No offense, but there was nothing fairy tale about the wedding of Will’s mom and dad to me. The only thing I remember was feeling sorry for Diana, thinking it was too bad that such a sweetie was marrying that stuffy, arrogant, big-eared dork (but, then again, I was only ten years old). Kate is a small town, down to earth family girl, and Will is a real live prince. They met at college and lived together before deciding to take their vows, just like most people I know. They shop at the local stores and cook for themselves. And then there’s the fact that they bend the royal rules a bit, oh so endearing.

It could also be that William looks a bit like my husband did when we got married. I thought it was just me, but when our friends and family started saying it, I had to drag out the wedding album. I’ll let you be the judge.

The shops are filled with memorabilia galore (not…going…shopping) and the news is abuzz with the upcoming trip to Canada and California. People are still going on about the dress and the coach and the hats and the kiss, and laughing about the similarities between the royal couple, the princesses and Disney’s Cinderella. And alas, so am I.

Maybe someday I will free myself from this royal headlock, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy the ride. Since I don’t watch football or the X Factor, it gives me something to chat about with the natives.


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