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Mom, I need a rubber November 7, 2011

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First thought: You need a WHAT???

Second thought: I have stopped breathing–not good. I need oxygen if I am going to interrogate him to within an inch of his life…

Third thought: (Reality flickers in like headlights in the distance.) He is doing homework. In England. Oh please tell me my eleven-year-old is not in need of a prophylactic. Of course not….homework…in England…he just needs an eraser!

Good thing we didn’t move here a few years later, he would have been grounded for life–homework or no homework.

Fourth thought: I should put this adrenalin rush to good use and scrub the limescale off the shower door.


2 Responses to “Mom, I need a rubber”

  1. Ami Says:

    LOL ~ To funny.. My heart would stop too for a moment 🙂

  2. Victoria Says:

    Ha ha, every Mothers nightmare in the UK let alone the USA I can assure you…… Once you have sorted your limescale, come sort mine please?

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